Virtero Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Fund and Recruit Product Beta Users

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Fitness technology startup, Virtero, will launch a Kickstarter campaign on Wednesday, June11, 2014 to bring to market the first truly automated, individualized, adaptive training software platform designed specifically for triathletes. The product also offers several community features geared to match users with compatible training partners.


“Automation is redefining and improving countless industries – from healthcare to smart homes,” says triathlete, founder and CEO Jeff Patrick. “Individually tailored fitness plans produce the best results for athletes and we see a huge opportunity for automation to play a disruptive role in the fitness space.”


Improper training can lead to injury, demotivation, and poor race performance. Triathletes need personalized programs to train safely and meet goals. Personal coaches are costly, ranging from $100 to $800 per month, and one-size-fits-all training plans and triathlon clubs are unable to adapt to an athlete’s changing needs. Virtero’s automated training programs leverage economies of scale and can serve a much larger community of fitness-minded consumers at a fraction of the price of live coaching services.


Virtero has been developed with the help of a top triathlon coach, sports medicine physician, and fitness industry expert. The company’s proprietary software generates and adapts goal-driven, customized training plans fine-tuned to an athlete’s specific needs. It learns and adjusts workouts based on an athlete’s progress and schedule.


Key features of the platform include:


·       Automated Individualized Training Plan Generation

·       Dynamic Workout Plan Adaptation Over Time

·       On-demand Workout Scheduling

·       Compatible Training Partner Matching and Groups


“There are a number of motivations driving people to triathlons, but from our research and first-hand experience, one common theme is clear – the social component,” says Patrick. “Working out with friends is integral to the training experience for most amateur triathletes – and the research proves that athletes who share their plan, and workout together are more likely to reach their goal.”


On top of individualized training plans, Virtero connects users of the same ability level searching for new training partners, and helps athletes form training groups who view and share workouts.

Whether users are training for their first triathlon or to qualify for Kona, Virtero’s technology is designed to help athletes get to the finish line healthy and well prepared. The company plans to use the Kickstarter funds to complete product development and build a community of beta testers to perfect the platform. It plans to release the final product before the end of 2014. Interested backers can learn more about the Kickstarter campaign at


About Virtero

Virtero is the only truly adaptive fitness software platform designed to help athletes reach their goals. Its offers individualized training plans designed to deliver both new and seasoned triathletes to the finish line healthy, motivated and well trained. It’s like have a personal coach without the price tag. Learn more and visit the Kickstarter campaign at