Virtero’s Innovative New Triathlon Product – Help Bring it to Market

I’m incredibly proud to announce that it’s almost here.  In just a few weeks Virtero will launch our Kickstarter project to help fund the final phase of our innovative software product, and you can help.                                                     

As many of you know, myself and the Virtero team have been juggling two jobs, working evenings and weekends to develop a unique new fitness training product for triathletes.

What is the product and what makes it unique and innovative?

The Virtero software platform is the first truly automated, individualized, adaptive training software platform designed specifically for triathletes.

               Click here to get a closer look at the product.

Over the next several weeks we’re getting the word out to build support for our Kickstarter campaign that launches on Wednesday June 11, 2014. 

What can you do?


o   Email: Forward on this email to friends, colleagues, and family members who may be interested in the Virtero product or to fund our project. Ask them to take a look, and to sign up to be notified about our Kickstarter launch.

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Still have some questions?

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