Top 5 Virtero Features that You Haven't Seen Anywhere Else

At Virtero, our triathlete manifesto is automate, economize, democratize. We automate triathlon training which reduces your costs, and lots more of you get access to really great training. Automating fitness training creates really unique features that you can't find anywhere else too. Pretty soon triathletes will be looking around at each other saying, "Do you remember when you had to ...:"

1. Work out alone

Virtero digs into all that training information about you and compares it with other people in your area to suggest compatible training partners. We consider your training style, capability and current fitness in each discipline, and lots more. 

2. Reshuffle Your Workout Schedule Yourself

Virtero automatically adjusts your weekly workout schedule on demand - as often as you like. You tell Virtero what days you're available, we intelligently and automatically adjust your workout schedule for you. We keep track of hard and easy workouts, required rest days, long and short workouts, and lots more to make sure you fit it all in but don't over do it.

3. Guess whether you were getting in shape

Virtero helps you benchmark your fitness at the beginning of your training plan and again every 6 to 8 weeks. You can see your progress and we can adapt your HR zones, pace, and training intervals accordingly. No secrets here.

4. Get burnt out from training too much

Virtero encourages you to check in every day using our 1 minute recovery test. If you're over-training we'll know it and so will you, and we'll both do something about it before it becomes a big problem.

5. Pay a Coach $300 a month ;)

Yea, it turns out that automation's upside is down. Or lower. Lower prices. Much lower. You get it. Put all the smarts in software and you can sell it to a whole lot more people for a whole lot less. I think I've seen that business model somewhere before.

Do you think that's pretty cool, too? Want early access to the product this summer? We can arrange that.

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