Questions about Virtero Kickstarter

Just Nine Days Until Launch

Kickstarter Launches on June 11

Here at Virtero, we received a lot of questions about the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, so we assembled a short Q&A to keep everyone in the know.  Here you go:

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform.  People passionate about our product pledge $$ in return for a reward, in our case, an early test-drive of the product plus some other cool perks.

How will Virtero use the Kickstarter funds?

Virtero will use the funds to bring the product to market, specifically for the final steps including completion of the UI, testing and then for the service, support and management during the beta phase.

What are the Virtero pledge levels and rewards?

We've got 8 or 9 levels cued up with some low $$ "We're glad we could help" levels, along with some mid-level early access product subscriptions, and a big $ pledges including some cool surprises.  There's something for everyone.

What's in it for you?

A couple things starting with the chance to support a cool, innovative product that will help bring low-cost (affordable), high quality training to all triathletes. Second, you'll have a chance to be the first one in the door to try the new product, and if you're into it, to provide feedback. If you're like us, you like the idea of putting your stamp on a new product.

How can you help?

Get the word out!  Share our story with your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email network. Tell your friends, colleague, training partners, and family. Every contact matters!  


Twitter:  or  @Virtero

And then there is the first day of the campaign...

Why is the 1st day of the campaign so important?

Kickstarter campaigns perform best and Virtero will have the greatest chance of meeting (or beating!) of pledge goal if we have a big FIRST DAY.  So, it's really important to be there with us (you know we'll be dragging in the neighbors to pledge) on Wednesday June 11.

Thanks for all your support, and feel free to email if you have questions. You can reach me at